Pain and Sorrow is the most recent release for Seaview garden-based artist Khardos. The entertainer whose birth name is Odane Johnson hails from a community of great acts and hails to strive for excellence and create a name for himself. Seaview Garden is the home of Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Dexta Daps, Blakkman, etc. 

Pain and Sorrow is produced by Abroad Records and Kashmir Music with a beat composed by Donricch Records. The track has been creating a wave for itself since its release last Friday, October 6th. The song is being played in the event and getting some traction since played at Uptown Mondays by the well-known Boom Boom aka World Boom.

In a recent interview with the entertainer, he expressed how the song speaks for itself. The entertainer made it clear he isn’t a supporter of crime and violence and that he writes based on what he observes. The first line of the first verse is “if gun no deh yah suh, me no feel good”. When questioned thoroughly about the line and different areas of the song, he expresses it as being creative writing and that it gives clarity that in this day & age it isn’t safe, not even for the month old babies.  

“I’m on a journey of delivering music with substance for my fans and well-wishers. It’s guaranteed that young and old can listen to my work and take from it in a positive way”. 

khardos has been creating a buzz with recent releases such as Walk Alone, Chosen, Caliente, My Boo, Numb ft Lamak and more. 

You can follow the recording artist on Ig at khardos_muzick and subscribe to his vevo at KhardosVevo.

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