Khardos has been making powerful moves since his release of “Walk Alone” last April, which gave the entertainer some good exposure right across social media.

Khardos recently released yet another track titled “Chosen” which is produced by Kashmir Music and Giodan Production with an instrumental composed by Statix.

The entertainer considers himself like no other with messages appealing to each individual line by line. “Dear god, a who tell yuh seh me strong enough” has stuck with many since the release. Fame Edjahz has reviewed the track with good remarks about the release and the entertainer, Khardos says he has been coping with a lot mentally and is urging individuals like himself to not give up hope.

The entertainer has a lot in the pipeline, say Kashmir Music and we should expect nothing less than what’s presented. 

You can check out songs like Walk Alone, My Boo, and Caliente all of 

which are on the artist Vevo channel.

You can follow the recording artist on Ig at khardos_muzick and subscribe to his vevo at KhardosVevo.

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