Dancehall artiste Iyara Own Waay is ecstatic at the buzz around his latest release ‘G.O.A.T Get Weh’, a humorous song which is a celebration of ambition and perseverance. 

“I came up with the idea of the GOAT, because mi no get what is rightfully mine but mi still remain present in the Game. I recognize that mi is a underground G.O.A.T in the game but mi need to move to the next level so right now, the rope buss, mi move from underground and the GOAT get weh. Iyara is not underground anymore, mi have a solid team ah mi foot, so the ROPE BUSS, and the GOAT get weh,” he said emphatically.

“Mi see artiste rise and make a mark and rub out, but Iyara mark indelible, dem caan move me,” he said.

There are plans to shoot a video for the ‘GOAT Get Weh’ single which was officially released on the Bellevue Entertainment label in December.  

The entertainer, who is now working with the US-based label Bellevue Ent, first jumped into the spotlight when he formed part of the Alliance Next Generation camp in 2011, and he is known for songs like Never Kill A Friend, Yaadman Up Inna Farrin (over 1 million views on Youtube) and Tepp Inna Di Road.

He scored a famous victory over Deva Bratt in a face off at Sting years ago that cemented his status as an underground beast in the Dancehall Game.

After leaving the Alliance, Iyara Own Waay scored a radio hit with Clu and then went viral with the single Rich and Wealthy, which has more than 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Stream Iyara Own Waay, G.O.A.T Get Weh on all major platforms:



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