St Mary native Shawn Ice showcases his new hit single with the recent released track “The Flexx.”

Shawn Ice teamed up with producer Kappah Records for this track. The single, which is a follow-up to the well-received track “Sad Reality”, showcases Shawn Ice’s artistic diversity.

The video for the track has received strong support, especially from the Washington DC, Maryland and Virigina tri-state area, since it premiered during a release party. Shawn Ice performed the single live with Ras Slick and the Dutty Bus Crew band, as well as special guest performers. Top artistes including reggae songbird Lila Ike, took to their social media accounts to support the song. 

When asked to expand on the song’s meaning, Shawn Ice said, “The song represents the ‘flexxability’ of my sound, flow and image. However, I remind all that nothing nuh change a mi same one on the hook.”

“It’s the underground sound with a mass appeal of The Flexx which makes it a standout track,” he added. “This song make people move as soon as it drops. It’s a fusion of 1990s’ and 2000s’ sounds.”

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