Hype Bastard born (Serano Dunkley) is an Upcoming Dancehall artiste who has been making waves in the music industry for quite a while now. He has been gaining popularity for his unique style and captivating performances.

Just the age of 18 years old and represents the parish of Trelawny-Jamaica where he was born and raised, Hype Bastard also has a diverse cultural root with his mother being an immigrant from Haiti and a Jamaican Father. He attended Cornwall College where in which he took his music career seriously when he realized he would always move his fellow classmates with each and every song that he wrote “schoolmates even use to pay fi si mi deejay, Fifty dollars a person dem time deh, so mi know mi destined for this music path” he stated.

HypeBastard is known for working with Popular Billboard music producer Countree Hype who is helping to pave the way for the Hatian Jamaican Dancehall artiste. His Latest Released is Titled “Beast” produced by Fame Beats which is racking up lots of views and new fans as the artiste depicts the Fast Life and Two of Jamaica’s most Driven vehicles (Toyota Crown and BMW (Bimmer) as followed in the lyrics “Crown and Bimmer when mi seh li up Beast, Bitch a suck seed Mek u batty jump B”. With his infectious Flow and Vulgar lyrics he has managed to attract a large following of fans who eagerly anticipate his next release.

Why such a graphic name for an artist?
Having being called many names such as: City Bop(Dating back as far as when Gully Bop arrived in Dancehall and HypeBastard just being in grade Five), Flames and Vengeance. He wasn’t satisfied with the names after a while as they seemed common to him and he wanted a name that was out of the world or some what ambiguous. Hype Bastard stated “mi always wan fi be different and unique inah mi own way, mi know ppl go question why mi name Hype Bastard, but just hearing mi name go grab them attention and by one listen mi gain a fan”.
Hype Bastard’s talent and dedication to his craft have earned him a place among the top rising stars in the dancehall genre. Hype Bastard music is available on all platforms.
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Instagram: Hype.bastard_rl

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