St Thomas Native Roshane Edmond Otherwise known as Ro Gad, is among the new generation of dancehall artists to grace the scene. Ro Gad started his professional music career back in 2019, where he would writing and recording almost everyday trying to build up his music catalog. His downtime consists of singing, writing & acting.

“Music has always been one of the biggest influences in my life & there’s no other career in the world that excites me more. Although I have a lot of other goals that i would love to achieve in life, singing has always been one of my favorite things to do. With that said, I am young, determine and i also have a lot to prove!!” Stated Ro Gad.

The song “Empty Souls” was released last Friday. The song title has risen alot of curiosity among peers. Ro Gad has assured fans that during his creative process he only sings & writes about what happens in his everyday life & things he sees around his environment. Ro Gad also states that this has been by far one of his favorite songs he has written in quite some time, seeing that a large portion of his audience would be able to relate to most parts of it.

“My goal is to write songs that inspires & motivates the people, because the world is at a depressing stage right now. I hope that one day my songs like ‘Freedom celebration, chosen and empty souls’ gets the recognition that they deserve.

Stay tuned for more amazing work to come by Ro Gad in the near future.

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